Striving With Vision

Empowerment Support Group Inc.


Striving With Vision Empowerment Support Group will provide a range of services. Our mission is to provide inspirational tools and interpersonal skills. Motivational seminars, group activities, selective intervention, and self-sufficiency skills are ways to administer effective development. Exemplifying diversity and cultural experiences will embrace different communities across the nation. If you want to contact us, please complete the contact form on our website. You will find the latest information and events on our page.  

About Us

To serve minorities and underprivileged community members. Providing opportunities by connecting motivational tools of resources. Encouraging mental health/wellness, educational, employment, and professional development. 

Mission Statement



"At the pinnacle of your life you may be challenged, but remain purpose-driven.

Stay focused, resilient, and determined!"

-Latoya Williams-

Latoya is available for bookings for many different types of events, including motivational speaking engagements, church events, and educational functions.


If you would like to schedule Latoya to attend your event, please contact her at or phone her at 252-751-8591.


We look forward to helping your event become a success!

These quotes were all given by people who love Latoya and know her work. They express gratitude for how she has changed or influenced

their lives.


I have had some

low moments in my life

and Latoya has been there

for me every single time. She doesn’t hesitate to uplift and encourage anyone and I'll

love her forever for that.

K. Whitney

I am truly proud of you

Latoya Williams! You have been walking by faith and not by sight. I am definitely glad your Vision has come to pass and it was everything you imagined it would be!

T. Jenkins

I am so proud of

my friend Latoya Williams!

 I really enjoyed the first meeting she held for her support group "Striving With Vision." It was definitely a great gathering and I look forward to the next one!

Keep doing great things!

A. Locust

From your words of

today and by having God by

my side every day through a

prayer tells me to keep having that vision that I have always wanted for my family. Thanks for the message of

today and it won't be the last one I'll be attending today either. Keep your

vision and program going because

one day you will impact

someone's life.

T. Lender

Latoya has helped

me build my self-esteem

and confidence. She has motivated me to be the best that I can be. We have developed a sisterly


L. C. Moore


Latoya is contagious.

She can bring a smile to the

weary and down-trodden just by

being herself. I can't believe how much she has grown and transformed into the outgoing person she is today. She has lots of things she needs to say and I would encourage people to listen.

I am so proud of her for forming this group and I know she has much

more in store for her life.

L. Hill

I am so proud to

call Latoya a friend. I think our

friendship was born the moment I

realized she and I had so much in

common. Latoya is a gifted speaker and

her words are so encouraging and motivating. She has used her passion for life; her life, struggles, and God-given talent to motivate and encourage others. If you have not heard Latoya speak, you are missing out! Attend one of her seminars and I promise you – you will

leave encouraged, motivated and you

will have a different

outlook on life!


I admire you. Your strength, determination, faith, and passion to help others is phenomenal!


S. Rouse

I had a wonderful conversation with Latoya that inspired me to keep pushing through school and daily struggles. She is such a gifted woman with so much to offer.


A. Lipscomb

M. Price

As I reflect on our

friendship a few words come

to mind. Struggle, because she

has gone and grown through some extremely difficult moments in her life. Strength, because she never gave up. Finally, Sister because of our bond, she’s a forever friend. Latoya is the epitome of

Striving With Vision.

H. Cannon

After attending

Latoya’s seminar, I  have a

renewed faith in the scripture Matthew 17:20, “a mustard seed of faith." It was truly a blessing to be

a witness her mustard seed and that faith she has pressed on

and accomplished.

L. Whitted

What a

wonderful concept.

Addressing the needs of our community, especially women with children, is a mission whose time

had come. Thank you for seeing a need and taking action steps to do something Latoya. Blessings be

with you on this journey.

O. Solomon

I have been so blessed by the ministry of Striving With Vision. Upon hearing about the mission and vision, my heart was truly moved by the passion the ministry has for people and helping those that are not only in need mentally but emotionally and spiritually. I felt so compelled to share my testimony and to embrace the inner strength that God has given me just by reading and hearing about Striving With Vision. The packet that was given too me and my mother in law were meaningful. Each and every item displayed pureness and thoughtfulness and made me tap into being even stronger. This kind of ministry you know that only God could birth and what better person to bless with this vision than the visionary herself. My heart is looking forward to what God is going to do within this beautiful ministry. Thank you for being a light in such a dark world.

A special testimony from K. Jefferson: